University Staff School

School Sections

Day Care (CRECHE)

Daycare is where parents drop off their children during the day for care, and learning.

 Day –Care Centre meant to cater for children of nursing mothers while at work in the University.

Crèche is the term for a place where children are looked after in the absence of their parents/guardians, who cannot stay with them due to work commitments. 

Our Day Care environment is hygienic, safe, stimulating and secure. Our staff are caring and friendly and we have a comfortable ratio of teachers to children.

Nursery Section

Nursery Section, tend to cater for children who are between 2 and 3 years old where we prepare them for Preschool. Around the time of their child’s third birthday, many parents begin to think about sending them to a childcare setting that’ll prepare them for starting school. 

In the first point, nursery school represents any type of institution that has been designed for children who are too young to go to a school. Typically, children enter a nursery and then to a primary school for their learning. A child should be interested and motivated in learning as it is important when he starts nursery and primary school.

Primary Section

The primary school delivers the first education to the student, creating a strong foundation.

The Primary is for children ages 5 to 11 years. We offer a wide range of experiences, activities and opportunities to the children. We have comfortable class sizes. We have a dedicated and committed staff team and they are also highly qualified and experienced.

All our classrooms are well equipped with modern educational resources and equipment. The rooms are also bright, colourful and stimulating.